San Antonio Day Trip to Uvalde TX

Uvalde Day Trip

A scenic drive from San Antonio to Uvalde Texas takes about two hours. Take Highway 90 West and you will travel through some other little towns along the way.

But why make the drive? What is so special about this growing little town of over 24,000? First of all, it is the home of Southwest Texas Junior College since 1947. Prior to 1947, the land it is on was Garner Army Air Field, which opened in 1941. Sul Ross University is also located here.

New stores, restaurants, and motels are going up now. Why? Uvalde is open to new businesses coming to town because they are now a Federal Enterprise Community And Empowerment Zone. This means that a company that qualifies can receive up to $3,000/person in Federal Employment Tax Credits.

Uvalde Texas now has a new Super Wal-Mart, which we were surprised to see yesterday when we went for a visit.

My husband’s parents own a store in Uvalde. When David was growing up, it was called Uvalde Auto Parts. More than 10 years ago, they closed Uvalde Auto Parts, but have continued to rent the building out to other business owners. They have just rented it again. So my husband met the new renter yesterday. They will be opening a medical supply store.

Evett’s Barbecue, Uvalde

Two doors down is the best place to buy a real Texas barbecue, Evett’s Barbecue. Food is served on a sheet of butcher paper instead of a plate, just like you see in the movies. It is called and the sauce is still as excellent as it was more than20 years ago when I had my first barbecue sandwich from them. I highly recommend you try it.

Evett’s Barbecue, pictured above, is under new management so the friendliness and excellent customer service that it used to have has gone out the door, but the beef and sauce are still fabulous.

My husband tells stories of how great the old owner used to be when he was a kid. Yesterday, we were barely greeted and felt as if those behind the counter could not have cared less about our order, but the smell and the taste of the food made up for it.

The photo above is of my husband, David, and our kids Matthew and Tiffany chowing down on November 22. The picnic tables are a nice touch.

This town is the home of the John Nance Garner Home And Museum, built in 1920. John Garner was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Vice President. Very nice place. Check it out.

The Uvalde Riverwalk, pictured above, is located a short distance from downtown Uvalde Texas. It was first purposed to be a flood plain area. The Leona River is host to the Town Easter Egg Hunt, a variety of festivals and events, and 0.6 miles of beautiful walking trails.

San Antonio to Uvalde