San Antonio Day Trip to Castroville

Castroville Day Trip

Each time I make the drive from San Antonio to Leakey, I drive through Castroville Texas. Castroville is a picturesque little town with a German influence on my way to see my husband’s parents.

It takes 20 minutes or so to get to Castroville from our house in San Antonio by way of Loop 410 and then getting on Highway 90 West. Slow down as you approach it or you will get a ticket! There are some great eateries and a pretty river.

I used to work with some people who live there and they hated the commute each morning into San Antonio, but they really enjoyed living out there. There is no big industry for anyone to make a living out there. There are small shops, a bakery, a jerky shop, tourist places. If you want to make real money, you need to go to San Antonio unless you are a teacher or a shop owner.

Just take U.S. Highway 90 west and you will run right into it. Stop and feed the ducks at the Medina River. Then stop by one of the eateries for a relaxing lunch. Haby’s Alsation Bakery is the place to get something good to eat. The sweets here are heavenly, but they are not open on Sundays.

The funny thing about this town is that they are not open 24/7. If you want to be sure and see everything, plan your visit on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, most things are closed. Some places are closed on Wednesday as well. At most, you will need only a few hours to explore on your way to visit another town such as Leakey.

Each year in early December, they have an old-fashioned Christmas.

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