San Antonio Day Trip to Rocksprings

Rocksprings Day Trip

Rocksprings Texas is a beautiful, small town in the Texas Hill Country. The Nueces River flows through it.

Just outside of the town is Camp Eagle, a Christian camp where my three kids have spent many summers there as teen campers. It takes about two hours to drive there from San Antonio.

This summer my son, Matthew, who just graduated from high school, served for the month of June at Camp Eagle as a staff member, doing whatever needed to be done around the camp. He washed dishes, mowed lawns, did yard work, heavy lifting, and whatever else was asked of him.

In return, he got to do many of the fun things that he used to do as a camper, such as swimming, boating and playing in the gorgeous Nueces River, going on the zip line, and just having an awesome time at camp.

The photo above was taken on the day we went to pick Billy up to bring him home. The camp is right on the Nueces River. It is so beautiful there. No wonder my kids always wanted to go camping.

Billy had a blast and hated to say goodbye. Camp Eagle has all sorts of fun activities for teens, children, and even adults who want to go.

The town of Rocksprings also has access to the Nueces River so you can enjoy the river without having to go camping. There is not much in the town itself. The stores have necessities for campers and tourists, but you will be better off if you buy what you need in a bigger city and just bring it with you.

Bring a camera, bathing suits, comfortable walking shoes, and plenty of sunscreen and prepare to have a blast on the Nueces River! You will experience peace and tranquility as the water flows by.

San Antonio to Rocksprings