San Antonio Day Trip to D’hanis TX

D’hanis Day Trip

DHanis Texas is a tiny town, eight miles west of Hondo. It has a very old hotel that is pictured below. For some of you who are into the preservation of old buildings, you may enjoy seeing this hotel. This is a quaint town that looks like something out of a wild west TV show.

It is located on Highway 90, on Seco Creek. We drive through it every time we go to Leakey to visit my husband’s parents. A train track runs parallel to Highway 90 so sometimes we have to wait to turn off Highway 90.

There is no Wal-Mart out here, but since Hondo is not too far away, you can easily get what you want there and go back to the town.

So what is there to see? The most popular man-made tourist attraction is St. Dominic’s Church and cemetery. The old Fort Lincoln is also there, north of the town along FM 1796.

Yes, you can stay in JM Koch’s Hotel. There are five large guestrooms with beautiful antique furnishings. Each room has its own bath, TV, and air conditioning. The guestrooms were recently remodeled for your comfort. The hotel is fairly close to the railroad tracks and Highway 90 so I am not sure how quiet it would be at night when you are trying to sleep. Who knows? Maybe the trains do not go through there at night. It makes me think of that I Love Lucy episode where they were on their way to California and they stayed in a little shack cabin close to the railroad tracks. Each time a train came by, all of the beds would move.

There is hunting and fishing for tourists in DHanis. In fact, this is a very popular town for hunting each fall when hunting season starts. People from all over Texas hunt here.

D’hanis also has a great meat market and in the back is a grill, so you can grill your steaks and listen to music.

San Antonio to Dhanis TX