San Antonio Day Trip to Utopia

Utopia Day Trip

Utopia Texas has been getting national media attention with the release of a new movie. Who would have thought that major Hollywood stars would travel to this tiny Texas town to film a movie? I heard Robert Duvall do an interview just last week on the movie and he was very excited about it.

Utopia Texas

Located 80 miles Northwest of San Antonio, this town is smaller than the town of Leakey, Texas, with 241 people reported in the last census. It is located in Uvalde County. As you drive through, don’t blink or you might miss it.

Seven Days In Utopia, starring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black is the movie. David and I are very excited to see it since we have been there. It is only about 24 miles away from Leakey, where my husband grew up. Check out the movie trailer below.

The movie referenced above is a story about golf and was filmed mostly in this beautiful Texas Hill Country town. The golfer is stuck there when he fails to do well at a tournament played there. Then he meets a retired golf pro played by Robert Duvall, who sets this young golfer straight. They spend a week together talking about life and learning how to appreciate it. This movie got bad reviews from movie critics, (here is why–it has a Christian message) so chances are it is a pretty good movie. They usually don’t like good ones, especially anything Christian. I love Robert Duvall so I think it will be good!

I got Seven Days In Utopia for Christmas and I loved it! This is a wonderful small-town story of inspiration and hope. On New Year’s Day, we drove through Utopia on the way to Leakey. My husband and I stopped by the golf course and took photos. It was open for business so we went inside the clubhouse. The man working there was very kind, allowing me to take photos. He even showed me around and pointed out photos and movie memorabilia there in the clubhouse, including Robert Duvall’s chair during the movie. He said he got to meet everyone when they made the movie.

A lot of citizens were used as extras in the movie in the dance scene and again in the rodeo scene. They put in long hours for the privilege of appearing in a movie filmed in their own town with Robert Duvall.

Of course, thanks to the movie, the most famous attraction in Utopia is now the golf course. I am sure the owners are thrilled as people all around the state of Texas are starting to drop by to play 9 holes!

The Sabinal River runs through the town. Wildlife, especially birds abound in this gorgeous place.

There are vacation homes, Bed & Breakfasts, and cabins to stay in and all sorts of shops to explore and eateries for meals and snacks. You can picnic for the day on the river or camp overnight.

Fish, swim, hike, or go bike riding and explore nature at its Texas finest. It is not too far from Lost Maples so you might want to explore Lost Maples and then spend the night here at a Bed and Breakfast.

The Utopia Fall Fair Arts and Crafts Festival is held each year in November on the downtown plaza and is always a good time. Come on over!

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