San Antonio Day Trip to Seguin

Seguin Day Trip

My husband’s grandfather owned a small farm in Seguin Texas, about an hour’s drive from San Antonio. A few weeks ago, Bob took me there. It is a pretty little town. The people take pride in a large concrete pecan located in front of the courthouse, pictured above. There is even a large sign on the other side of town advertising the pecan. This is considered to be the pecan capital of Texas. There is an abundance of walnuts here as well.

Near the courthouse is a pretty new park with a river and a walking trail. The park had just been dedicated the week before we visited. It is pictured below.

This town of about 26,000 is a good-sized place to live if you want a small-town feel with a lot of big-city benefits. For instance, there is a modern hospital, Guadalupe Regional Medical Center, with a good selection of physicians nearby. There are a lot of places to eat and there is an amusement park in the middle of the town.

The town is home to Texas Lutheran University, established in 1912. It is a good-looking campus on a piece of flat ground. We visited and liked it.

If you would like to learn about Texas farming, visit the Texas Agricultural Education and Heritage Center. There is also the Seguin-Guadalupe County Heritage Museum where you can learn about the cultures that have made up the town’s history. If you love rocks, visit the Fiedler Museum. For Nutcracker lovers, be sure to stop in at the Pape’s Nutcracker Museum. They have a great gift shop with lots of goodies to eat.

Further up the road is the burial place of Juan Seguin, from the Alamo. Yes, he is the one the town is named after.

We drove all over the town, looking for my husband’s grandfather’s farm. After several phone calls to his father, my husband finally found it. It is a small farmhouse with a barn on 35 acres, pictured below. The photo is current.

Bruno Schulze lived there for many years and the Schulze children would visit in the summer for a week or two. During the year, they would drive up and play on the weekends. Bob had a lot of good memories here. Shortly after I joined the family, he sold the farm and moved in with Bob’s parents so I never got to visit the farm.

San Antonio to Seguin