San Antonio Day Trip to Rio Frio TX

Rio Frio Day Trip

Rio Frio Texas is a tiny town in the Texas Hill Country, near Leakey. It has its own post office and the Frio River flows through it.

There is a church there that used to be called Jesus Church. My husband attended it as a child and he pastored it for 10 months, but that is another story in itself. Right across the street from this church is a famous Texas landmark, the Rio Frio Oak Tree.

When we lived there, we noticed the placard one day and went over to check it out. We also visited the gift shop.

You will find goats and chickens in yards there. When my husband was pastoring the church, each Sunday morning as we arrived, the chickens from next door would wander over into the churchyard. The roosters would crow and some of the chickens laid their eggs there under the shrubs.

The children who live there go to school in Leakey, Texas. There are no stores in the town. There are a lot of homes and the town has its own cemetery. Some of the homes are lived in year-round, while others are vacation homes along the river. The river is deeper there and there are peace and quiet under the large cypress trees where the river runs. A lot of folks from the city have built get-away homes and full-sized homes to spend weekends and vacations in.

The town is flat, while most of the hills and mountains in the area are in neighboring Leakey. There is one small mountain that was near our home called Saddle Mountain, named because it resembles a saddle. We used to go for long walks up the mountain road. There are a lot of homes up there with a gorgeous view.

Right now, the Frio River water level is very low due to the drought. There are campsites and cabins to rent for the tourists who flock there during the summer. They are always crowded so be sure that you make reservations.

We lived right across the street from one of the camps filled with cabins and they were always picked in the spring, summer, and fall. We actually lived in between Leakey and this tiny flat town and received mail from both town post offices.

For eating and shopping, you will need to go into Leakey or drive 40 miles to Uvalde, like we used to do. Buy your gas and groceries in Uvalde because it is cheaper than in Leakey.

Frio Bat Flight

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable experience for your family, then look no further than the Frio Bat Flight! This amazing experience takes place in the Frio River Canyon in Texas, and it’s an absolute must-see for families. As the sun sets, you’ll be able to witness the incredible sight of thousands of bats emerging from their cave and soaring into the night sky.

It’s a truly magical experience that your family will never forget. Not only will you get to witness the incredible spectacle of bats in flight, but you’ll also learn about the fascinating behavior of these creatures. You’ll get to see how they use the thermal currents to fly and hunt, and you’ll get to experience the sheer beauty of their graceful movements.

San Antonio to Rio Frio TX