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We hope to help you make the best decision on whether plastic surgery San Antonio is right for you. We want to answer some of your basic questions about cosmetic surgery so you can be informed. While we provide general information to help you understand procedures, price, and recovery time, there is no substitute for talking to your plastic surgeon.

If you are hoping to have some work done somewhere on your body to alter your appearance, chances are you are considering a form of cosmetic surgery. Before you make the commitment to any procedures, you need to know something about the San Antonio plastic surgeons that will be bringing about the transformation. This will help you decide the right person to trust with your future.

Types of Plastic Surgery

There are numerous types of surgery and many plastic surgeons in San Antonio specialize in a few while others have a more general practice. Here is a list of just a few of the best-known types of cosmetic surgery:

  • Tummy tuck, to firm up the abdomen area
  • Breast augmentation or reduction and breast lift, to increase or reduce the size of the breasts or to create a new shape
  • Buttock lift or augmentation, to lift or increase the size of the buttocks
  • Blepharoplasty, to reshape either the upper or lower eyelids or both
  • Facelift, to remove extra skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Liposuction, to remove fat from various areas on the body
  • Rhinoplasty, to change the shape of the nose

There are many other types of surgical procedures that fall under this broad category. Plastic surgeons often specialize in one area such as hand surgery, breast reconstruction or hair replacement.

Education of Cosmetic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons are required to go through a long and vigorous training before they are certified through the American Board of Plastic Surgery. They will first complete a bachelor’s degree program in some field such as biology before attending medical school. Then, they will earn their choice of either a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.). During this time, they will have both classroom and clinical training.

Students aiming to become cosmetic surgeons must also complete a residency of 5-6 years, which is a combination of general and plastic surgery. They can then apply for a fellowship for their specialty. During this time, they work with a trained and certified plastic surgeon and learn the skills they will need for their own practice.

When choosing a plastic surgeon San Antonio for your own procedure, it is important that you feel comfortable with their level of knowledge. You can select a surgeon with a specialty or one with a general practice. However, you want to make sure they have experience in the type of procedure you want done.

You should have the opportunity to ask questions of your plastic surgeons in San Antonio Texas about the surgery, recovery time, possible side effects, and any other issues or concerns you may have. The surgeon should be able to answer all of your questions expertly, giving you the assurance that they are skilled and capable of giving you the results you want.

Common Questions

While every type of San Antonio cosmetic surgery is different with various recovery times and side effects, some questions are common with every procedure. Here is a list of questions you should get answered when you sit down with your cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options.

  1. What is the recovery time? While every patient is unique, your surgeon should be able to provide a time frame for recovery.
  2. What activities should I refrain from and for how long? You may need to make plans for certain tasks after the surgery based on this information.
  3. What type of plastic surgery is best for me? While you may go into the appointment with certain ideas, your surgeon should determine your overall goal and make recommendations even if they differ from what you expect.
  4. What will be the cost? The time to answer this question is before you have the procedure.

Establishing a Relationship with Your Surgeon

Your initial appointment for San Antonio plastic surgery should form the beginnings of a relationship with your surgeon and with a common goal in mind. You should be able to ask questions and tell your surgeon exactly what you want to see from the procedure. At the same time, your surgeon should ask probing questions to determine if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery.

A good surgeon will ask you tough questions, including why you want to have the procedure. He or she will talk to you about those reasons, whether it is to change something about your body you don’t like or to go back to a look you used to have.

How Will I Look?

One of the most common questions asked of a plastic surgeon is how the person will look after the procedure. Part of a surgeon’s job is to separate the hype from the reality and help you set realistic expectations that you can be happy with.

The surgeon will also help you be prepared for the changes that will occur after the surgery. Many people wake up expecting to look like a new person and are disappointed when the changes aren’t immediate. Instead of having a fabulous new look, all they see is bruising and swelling. That is why having an initial appointment is so important to the success of cosmetic surgery in San Antonio. The goal of this meeting is to ensure that you are prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally for the immediate and long-term results.

A cosmetic surgeon can help you set the right expectations for the procedure. While you may not have the look you expected, a surgeon can show you how the right procedure can improve on what you already have. That is why you need to have an honest discussion with a surgeon you trust as a first step to the new you.

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Breast Augmentation in San Antonio

One of the most well-known types of plastic surgery is breast augmentation. Many famous celebrities have popularized this surgery and unintentionally encouraged the average woman to pursue it to enhance her appearance. For anyone considering this procedure, here is some information you may want to know.

Reasons for Breast Implants

There are actually several reasons why you might consider this type of cosmetic surgery. While many women choose this procedure to increase the size of their breasts, that is not the only reason. Some women opt for breast augmentation San Antonio to balance out their figure. Life can be quite difficult when you are one size on top and a different size on your lower half.

Many women choose this surgery to improve the look of their breasts after a significant weight loss. They may not increase the size at all but want increased firmness and support. Others choose the surgery after a partial or complete mastectomy. The reasons are as individual as the women seeking surgery. Having the procedure often increases your self-confidence and satisfaction with your appearance.

Types of Surgery

While there is one basic type of breast implants in San Antonio, you do have a choice of incision sites and placement, as well as the types of materials used. It is important that you understand the options available to make the best decision for your look.

Incision Sites

There are four options for where the plastic surgeon will make the incision site:

  1. Periareolar: The incision is made around the nipples and causes the least amount of noticeable scarring; it can lead to decreased sensation
  2. Transaxillary: The incision is made under the arm, which provides the easiest access for the surgeon
  3. Inframammary: most common incision, made under the breast
  4. Transumbilical: The incision for this procedure is made in the belly button, but is not as common as the other choices


The other choice that will be made for San Antonio breast augmentation surgery is the placement of the implants. There are two options. First, the sub-glandular placement puts the implant over your chest muscle and under the glands. This option has a shorter recovery time. However, your implants may be more noticeable.

The second option is sub-muscular where your implants are placed under your chest muscle. They require a longer recovery period but are less noticeable.

Types of Implants

There are two basic types of implants: silicone and saline. Each has its own set of pros and cons.

Saline implants contain sterile saltwater and are often considered the safer choice of the two. Silicone implants contain a silicone gel and are considered to look and feel more natural. While there was a great deal of controversy over the use of silicone implants several years ago, certain types of silicone implants have been deemed safe and are allowed for use in breast augmentation San Antonio Texas.

Recovery Time

When considering breast augmentation, one of your questions may be how long it will take you to recover and what you can expect. This period will differ based on the procedure and placement of the implants, but you can expect between 24 and 48 hours of recovery post-surgery. Your surgeon will also prescribe limited activity for several days. In addition, you will have soreness and swelling that can last for a few weeks.

If you are considering breast implants in San Antonio, it is important that you discuss the procedure thoroughly with your surgeon. You should ask questions to help you understand the surgery and what to expect during recovery and in the future. This helps to ensure that you receive results that you are happy with for the long term.

San Antonio Mommy Makeover

Do You Need a Mommy Makeover?

Pregnancy leads to some wonderful and some not-so-wonderful results. Everyone knows about the wonderful results with the bundle of joy that you get to take home. However, the less desirable results include a body that is incredibly transformed from the pre-pregnancy one you had. This is where a mommy makeover San Antonio comes in.

What is this type of plastic surgery?

A Mommy Makeover is not just one surgery but often a series of surgeries designed to correct body changes that were the result of one or more pregnancies. This may include breast augmentation and breast lifts to firm up sagging breasts or bring back the size from before having children. Tummy tucks are also common procedure to get rid of loose skin that doesn’t go away with diet and exercise.

Another popular surgical procedure with moms includes buttocks lifts. Liposuction may also be performed at some point in the makeover. The phrase itself, “Mommy Makeover,” isn’t a medical term but rather a descriptive or advertising term for a group of procedures. Some women elect to have only one surgery while others come back a second or third time until they are happy with the final results.

Why Have a Mommy Makeover in San Antonio?

Many women have surgeries to help them regain the look they had before they had babies. While many of them are looking at the image, others are concerned with health. They want to be able to get around and do things with their kids. Removing excess fat can help with that goal. It helps their self-confidence, a factor that cannot be ignored. When someone feels good about herself, it reflects in everything she does.


Recovery time depends on the types of surgical procedures chosen and how many of them are completed at once. Women often have one or two procedures done at the same time and then return after they have healed for another surgery or two. Some procedures are complimentary with each other while others are not recommended to be done at the same time.

Recovery is also based on how much support they have. The new moms will need someone to help them with the kids and other responsibilities to allow them the time needed to take care of themselves. Those with the strongest support often have the fastest recovery times.

Some procedures are more painful than others, and patients may experience more swelling and bruising with one type of surgery over another. That is why it is essential that you sit down with your plastic surgeon and discuss your plans. You need to ask questions to help you know what to expect. Your doctor can also help you determine which procedures will best help you meet your overall goals. After all, a San Antonio Mommy Makeover can lead to a whole new you.

Liposuction in San Antonio

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes extra fat from your body. It is usually an outpatient procedure that may be completed in a clinic or hospital or even in a doctor’s office. The only time when an overnight stay would be necessary is if a large amount of fat was being removed. While it is a fairly simple procedure, there are a few facts you need to know about liposuction San Antonio if you are contemplating it.

Reasons for Choosing Liposuction

The main reason that people consider this procedure is to lose excess fat that they have been unable to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. This may be due to certain medications, health conditions, or other issues that prevent fat loss through traditional means. This surgical procedure enables them to achieve a healthy weight and body size they desire. It can also boost self-confidence when they feel better about how they look.

Men may have the surgery for the same reasons. They may also elect to have liposuction if they have a condition known as lipomas or extra-large breasts.

Options with this procedure

There is not just one general surgery. In fact, there are numerous types of liposuction in San Antonio. Some, such as dry liposuction, are no longer used because they are not considered to be safe.

Tumescent liposuction is one of the best-known techniques and is used worldwide. It uses local anesthesia to the fat areas and then has them suctioned out of the body.

Ultrasonic uses a type of fluid to provide ultrasonic energy and heat to the area being treated. Power-Assisted-Techniques, also known as PAL, use either compressed air or an electric motor to remove the fat.

LipoLite is a laser technique that melts away the fat to remove it. It is minimally invasive, resulting in shorter healing times.

Water jet assisted is still another technique used. It is a modern option that many surgeons use today. It uses saline to remove the fat cells. The cells are not destroyed before removal, which is a gentler option for the body.


The body area where the surgery was completed will be wrapped after the procedure to help prevent swelling and pain. The compression garment or bandages may need to be worn for several weeks after the surgery. Patients should expect quite a bit of bruising and swelling within the first week of San Antonio liposuction. Some doctors recommend an antibiotic to help prevent infection.

Patients can also expect fluid drainage from the incision site for a few days following the surgery. Recovery time often depends on the size of the area being treated and the amount of fat removed. However, the patient is able to get up soon after the surgery. They will be permitted to return to normal tasks as soon as they feel like it.

Liposuction San Antonio Texas is a relatively safe procedure when completed by an experienced professional. However, it is important to discuss any concerns or questions you have with your doctor prior to having the procedure. This will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing what to expect. Contact your surgeon and discuss your interest in this procedure and the benefits it brings


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