Day Trips From San Antonio

There are many places to visit near San Antonio. You can make day trips from San Antonio to see any of the places listed here and still spend the night back in San Antonio if you want to return to your hotel. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

Visit the state capitol, Austin.

Stay at a dude ranch in Bandera.

Take a drive out to Boerne and bring your appetite! While you are in Boerne, visit Cave Without A Name.

Canyon Lake is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the water. It is located 40 miles north of San Antonio.

Drive through picturesque Castroville.

The small town of Concan is in the Texas Hill Country, on the Frio River.

Have a look at the beautiful pink granite Enchanted Rock.

Visit Fredericksburg Texas.

Check out Hondo and the Corn Maze.

Hunt in D’Hanis.

Learn about Kerrville Texas.

Visit Lost Maples State Natural Area.

Spend some time in Leakey, Texas , and float in the Rio Frio.

Let’s go to Luckenbach Texas!

Visit New Braunfels and Gruene.

Go to the Poteet Strawberry Festival.

Have you ever heard of a tiny town in the Texas Hill Country called Rio Frio?

Swim in the Nueces River in Rocksprings.

Have the shopping experience of your life in San Marcos!

My husband used to visit Seguin, Texas when he was a boy. His grandfather lived on a small farm there.

Utopia is getting national attention with the release of the new movie, Seven Days in Utopia.

Uvalde is a nice place to visit.

As you can see, there are many good day trips from San Antonio that your whole family will enjoy. Most are just a few hours or less away. Some are just minutes outside of San Antonio. Most of these towns are easily accessible from freeways and major highways.

A great tip for you is to either buy a GPS unit or rent a vehicle in San Antonio with a GPS unit. Maps are nice, but a GPS unit will actually talk to you as you drive so you don’t have to worry about remembering exit names or road names. You can buy a nice one at Wal-Mart for around $100 and use it all over the country. They are fabulous. Last summer, we flew to New Orleans and to Nashville. Having never been, we rented cars with GPS units and they made traveling so much easier.

Depending on the time of year, there are festivals, fairs, and specialty shopping. Most of the time, the weather is beautiful so folks in the Texas Hill Country take advantage of that.

Day Trips to San Antonio

Having a great trip to San Antonio can be even easier than you could have imagined.
Many people will wonder what there is to do in this city and how they will get around. Well, fortunately, it will be easy for you, since you will have so many options to consider.

Since there is so much for one to do, taking a San Antonio trip can be tremendous fun for a traveler and give the person a chance to see and do a wide variety of activities in a little amount of time. A day trip will allow you to enjoy your vacation journey to its fullest while having a ton of fun while you are at it.

During your San Antonio, TX travel, you should make it a point to get as much done as possible. It does not have to be perfect (remember that having fun is a priority over anything else). When planning everything out, you can start by writing down everything that you would like to do on your travel to San Antonio, TX.

This could be anything from going to a museum, seeing art, going on a great tour around the city, eating delicious food, and getting to know the place better. A few other things that you could consider doing are going to a spa, going swimming, or having some fun at an amusement park as well.

You will never have a lack of anything to do while enjoying your stay. Coming up with the perfect plan to suit your trip to San Antonio will be something worth the effort.