San Antonio Day Trip to Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake Day Trip

Canyon Lake, located in Comal County, 40 miles north of San Antonio, is a part of beautiful Texas Hill Country. It is a must-see destination while you are here!

More and more people are living the big city behind and moving to this area. Others have built beautiful vacation homes here so they can visit on the weekends. There is so much to see and do. The water is deep and blue. The air is fresh and clean. The animals are abundant. Life is good here.

The lake itself has 80 miles of shoreline and a surface area of 8230 acres. It releases its water downstream into the Guadalupe River, which is a popular place for tourists to tube during the hot summer months.

All of the photos on this page of Canyon Lake were taken by my daughter, Tiffany Schulze. Thank you, Tiffany, for the beautiful photos.

Pictured above is my beautiful daughter, Tiffany, on her 19th birthday, in June of 2011. She and her friends had a blast at Canyon Lake during the day trip they took there. They went boating and swimming. I was a bit nervous because each summer, there are numerous drownings in the deep water. Granted, many of the people who drown in this lake are inebriated, but some drown who are not.

Please use extreme caution and do not drink and then try to swim in this lake. I do not want to see you on our local news. The local reporters are up at the lake a lot, covering missing persons who were last seen drunk, going in for a swim. A day or two later, they are pulled from the lake. Have fun but be careful.

Boating is a great way to spend free time on the deep, blue lake. Fish or just sit on deck and read a book while soaking up some of that wonderful Texas sun.

Besides boating, swimming, and fishing, you can sail, waterski, scuba dive, kayak, and parasail on the beautiful water. Bring a picnic lunch or some meat to barbecue and have a great time. If you like to look at the water, but would rather not go in, hike, play golf, or shop in the area.

San Antonio to Canyon Lake