San Antonio Suburbs: Olmos Park

Sometimes referred to as the “city of comfort and happiness,” Olmos Park San Antonio is an upscale neighborhood of San Antonio which has its own unique flavor. Olmos Park San Antonio has been dated back to the 1920s, when it was purchased from an oilman and real estate tycoon, H.C. Thurman, who developed the area into a thriving business district, complete with high-end boutiques and expensive restaurants.

Olmos Park is an incorporated city in San Antonio and has its own police, fire and public works department. It is located off Highway 281, just four miles north of downtown San Antonio.

Olmos Park is located north of Hildebrand Avenue and east of San Pedro Avenue, near Alamo Heights.

The business district of Olmos Park includes several restaurants and diners, as well as convenience stores, auto garages, hair salons, and service companies. Local areas of interest include San Antonio Botanical Gardens, Japanese Tea Gardens, McNay Art Museum, and the San Antonio Zoo.

Olmos Park boasts four local parks, including Alameda Circle. Three annual events are held at Alameda Circle, including the King Antonio party on the first day of the Fiesta, the 4th of July parade and the Night Out event in October.

Olmos Park real estate is valued at between $450,000 and $950,000 (although several are valued at well over $1 million). It has approximately 800, single-family homes boasting a nice variety of architecture. Olmos Park homes for sale have a median value of $515,000, or $161 per square foot.


The commute from Olmos Park to downtown San Antonio is an easy one, with commuting time remaining under 10 minutes for most residents.


School District: Alamo Heights Independent School District

Schools: Schools include Cambridge Elementary, Alamo Heights Junior High School and Alamo Heights High School.