San Antonio Neighborhoods: Alta Vista & Beacon Hill

Alta Vista San Antonio, which lies in the area of San Antonio commonly referred to as Midtown, is one of the older neighborhoods in San Antonio. Its neighbors are Beacon Hill and Monte Vista. Alta Vista consists of a narrow corridor, with Union Pacific Railroad to the west, West Hildebrand Avenue to the north, and San Pedro Avenue to the east. San Pedro Park, which is the second oldest park in the United States, is also part of Alta Vista.

Alta Vista and Beacon Hill are considered to be one of San Antonio’s first, modern, platted subdivisions, which means that the streets and alleys are divided with clear borders. This type of subdivision layout makes it easy for residents to easily distinguish property lines.

The original subdivisions within Alta Vista, which were developed from the early 1890s to the late 1920s, included Laurel Heights Addition, Treasure Hill, Fox’s Beacon Hill, Beacon Hill, Beacon Hill Terrace, and North Haven.

The introduction of electric trolleys brought more movement into Alta Vista, which in turn spurred the need for housing. Thus, many of the homes in Alta Vista San Antonio boast unique, turn-of-the-century architecture.

Alta Vista real estate varies greatly, with often no two homes ever looking alike. Some of the architecture found throughout Alta Vista includes French Eclectic and Italian. The homes in Alta Vista have distinctive, historical value and a prime location from downtown San Antonio.

Alta Vista homes for sale have a median cost of $123,890 (as of 2006). The house values for Alta Vista have risen substantially over the last six years, making Alta Vista one of the hottest housing markets in San Antonio.


Alta Vista is located just minutes from downtown San Antonio, thus making the commute from Alta Vista to downtown an easy one. Alta Vista has become an ideal neighborhood for many of San Antonio’s young professionals.


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