Brackenridge Park

Planning a little travel to San Antonio? Or have you been living there or have just moved there? Either way, you must know about one of the oldest and the most prestigious parks in San Antonio. That park that we are talking about is none other than Brackenridge Park. It is situated very close to the headwaters of the San Antonio River.

The Brackenridge Park for decades has been the most sought-after venue for gatherings. In fact, evidence has been found that humans visited the park since time going as back as 11,000 years. Native American artifacts dating as early as 9200 B.C. have also been found in the vicinity.

Over the years the size of the park kept expanding as people kept gifting land to the park. There used to be a polo field which has now become the golfing area of the park. The park has a large number of facilities today which include a swimming beach, Brackenridge Eagle miniature train an amphitheater, and the San Antonio Zoo.

All in all, visiting Brackenridge Park is a great experience. Whether you go there with your family or your children, whether you take just your loved one, or are alone, the kind of time that you will have at Brackenridge Park will be unforgettable. Brackenridge Park is one of the main landmarks of San Antonio. It has been there for decades and will continue to exist there for a very very long time.

The city takes great care of the park. It is very neat, very calm, and very serene. Hence when you are tired of shopping and traveling while on your travel to San Antonio, Texas, take some time off, to step into this wonderful time machine that has not had a single structural change within it since the time it was opened.

Brackenridge Park Map

Brackenridge Park Golf Course

Brackenridge Park Address
3700 North St. Mary’s Street
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Tel: (210)734-7184

Brackenridge Park Hours:
Open Daily 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Ticket Information for the Brackenridge Park: Free Admission



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