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Planning a travel to San Antonio, Texas? San Antonio is a great town in the state of Texas, United States of America. There are plenty of places to be visited in San Antonio and hence a trip to San Antonio often turns out to be a fantastic idea. With lots to do, and lots to see, San Antonio has become one of the prime touristic towns in Texas.

If you are truly going to San Antonio, then one of the sure stops on your trip must be Aztec On The River Theatre. If you are one of those people who use travel books, then the Aztec On The River Theatre must be even mentioned in the San Antonio Travel Guide.

Well, there is no surprise that it must be mentioned in the travel guide because it is definitely worth mentioning.

The theatre was built in the year of 1926 and is a distinguished model of the very fabulous-looking movie palaces constructed in America at the time of the financial thunder of the 1920s. The Aztec Theatre was part of the Theatre District that also consisted of the Empire, Texas, the Majestic, and the Alameda. Although the theatre was very popular for a large number of years, in the 70’s it saw a decline. After that things became very slow and it closed down in 1989.

However the all-new changed Aztec theatre reopened in the May of 2006 but the first few months of the reopening, found it difficult to attract customers and the theatre in the end closed down on 17th December 2007 for renovation. The date of reopening for the Aztec theatre is set for summer 2009.

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Aztec Theater

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Aztec On The River Address
201 E. Commerce Street, Suite 300
San Antonio, TX 78205

Tel: (210)212-7638 Fax: (210) 271-7077

Aztec On The River Hours:
Friday – Monday: 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Matinee: 2 p.m.

Ticket Information for the Aztec On The River: N/A



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