Fun Things to do on Mothers Day


What to do for Mother’s Day?

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s time to start thinking creatively about how to make your mom feel extra special. It doesn’t have to require a lot of cash to show your love. Sweet gestures and quality time together are often the best ways to her heart.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to show your appreciation and love for the special female in your life. Whether you’re looking for something meaningful or just an excuse to have fun, there are plenty of activities that will make this Mother’s Day one to remember.  Here are a few ideas to help make this Mother’s Day one to remember:

1. Have a “Stay at Home” Vacation

Even if you can’t afford to go to Paris for the weekend, you can still enjoy a little taste of France (or any other destination that sounds intriguing) right from home. Get some croissants for breakfast, or better yet, make some delicious crepes together! Grab some cheese and wine and reminisce about your favorite family memories.

2. Give Her a Break

Your sweet mother may also love a day free from the “mom routine.” That means no dishes, laundry, chauffeur duty, dressing little ones, etc. Instead, show moms how much they’re appreciated and remove all the “chores” from her to do list.

3. Make a Movie/Photo Slideshow

Mother’s Day is a great time to take a trip down memory lane together and look at old photographs or home movies. It would be extra special to find some favorites in advance and put them to a slideshow and surprise mom!

4. Pamper Mom with a Spa Day

Treat your mom to a pampering experience with a full-body massage, manicure, pedicure, or facial. Not only does it provide overdue relaxation, but it’s also a lovely way to show how much you care.

A day at the Spa would be like heaven for most moms. Plan a relaxing day out at the Spa, or make one at home! Here are some great ideas to help with making your own fabulous spa. At Home Spa Day

5. Clean the House

Being a mom is stressful, and coming home to a clean house, even if it only lasts 10 minutes, is like a little slice of heaven for them. You don’t have to hire a professional to give mom the clean house she deserves.

6. Take a Road Trip

Pack up the car and take a spontaneous drive out of town! Stop at some scenic viewpoints along the way or explore a new city while enjoying each other’s company. Nothing beats quality bonding time with your mom.

Nothing is as therapeutic as the open road, and road trips are a great way to get away from the distractions of everyday life. It’s a great time to have some heart-to-heart conversations or blast your favorite tunes. Whether it’s just for the day, or an overnight stay, she will be sure to love it.

Here are some of our Favorite Day Trips from San Antonio.

7. Plan a Fun Night Out

If a road trip isn’t your thing, find out what’s going on in your area. Take her to a comedy show, a concert that you know she’d love, or even a winery would be a solid choice. Find out what’s going on around you HERE.

8. Set Up a Mimosa Bar

Mother’s Day is about celebrating moms, and nothing says celebration like a mimosa bar. Invite the whole family over for a get-together and share memories over one (or three!) mimosas. Here’s a great guide to planning the perfect Mimosa Bar. Mimosa Bar Guide

9. Let Mom Sleep In

When you’re a mom, getting a full night’s rest without waking up to an alarm clock or a hungry child in the morning is not only a dream come true, it’s unheard of. Try treating Mom to a full night’s rest and late morning. Maybe even consider surprising her with some breakfast in bed!

10. Make a Personalized Gift

Moms love sentimental gifts, especially when it involves the love of their family. Create a unique gift using some favorite pictures or keep it simple and sweet with her name. Here are some great ideas from custom puzzles to cute tea towels and more!

11. Take a Flower Arranging Class Together

The only thing better than getting a bouquet of flowers is making your own! Spend some time together placing gorgeous blooms into creative arrangements.

12. Clean Mom’s Car

A vehicle free from crumbs and clutter is like a commuting oasis. Take a few minutes to clean up the pieces of chicken nuggets and the sippy cup that rolled under the seat. For bonus points, you could always vacuum the carpets and wipe down the seats, too!

13. Make Mom Dinner

Between meal planning, grocery shopping, and actually making dinner, there’s a lot of time that goes into making sure your family is fed every night. Take that chore off her plate for a night (or a week) and allow mom to enjoy extra time with the kids. Click HERE for a list of easy recipes to consider.

14. Make Her a Coupon Book

Instead of picking one or 2 chores to do, how fun would it be for mom to redeem a coupon at any time?! Some ideas include breakfast in bed, a free car wash, a movie of your choice, and help with gardening. Here are some blank templates that you can easily fill out, print, and give mom: Coupon Printable

15. Make Time for Hugs and Kisses

If your partner is planning a fun day for you and your kids, this would be great for everyone! You can set up a silly “hugs and kisses” schedule and post it on the refrigerator for everyone to see. For example, you could write, “10:30 am: Everyone runs around the couch and gives Mom a hug and kiss” and “2:15 pm: Everyone hops around the oak tree on one foot and assembles for a group hug.” Make up your own directions and silly things to do — but be sure to include lots of hugs, kisses, and laughter in your day.

16. Get a Date Night Delivered in a Box!

Give your mom a wonderful and unique gift of a date night in with her significant other. Bonding Bees delivers date nights in a box full of fun games and activities to help couples have some fun and spend quality time together (without the time it requires to plan it!).

17. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Hide a bunch of small gifts (under $5 each) around the house, then write riddles inside cards to lead her to their location. This is a fun activity that the little ones can help plan, too! Get a tutorial HERE

18. Do What She Loves

What makes your mom the happiest? The one thing that you just hate to do. Today is the day to do it (and pretend to enjoy it).

Final Word

No matter which activity you choose, your mom is sure to feel loved and appreciated on this special day. Celebrate the moms in your life with these fun and thoughtful ideas this Mother’s Day!


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