Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas with Young Children

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is sure to be on your visiting list if you happen to travel to San Antonio, Texas. It is a theme park for children and is spread in the area of around 200 acres of land and was built in the year 1992 and is owned by the Six flags as the name says. It’s a fun place to be with all sorts of rides and entertainment means and also includes a separate park for children called Wiggles World.

2019_CoasterLogo_300Also with the ticket, you buy for Six Flags Fiesta you can also visit the White Water Bay Park just for free. Previously called Fiesta Texas it mainly operates during the seasons of February or January. It includes around 9 water rides and about 8 roller coasters. It was originally constructed by the USAA Real Estate Company which owned the Opryland USA theme park which was basically a musical park.

Six Flags was also built on the same line to promote South culture music. Initially, it had to undergo a lot of competition during its development phase as it faced competition from other parks across Arlington and Houston. It was though constructed by two contractors from San Antonio and Oklahoma and took around 23 months for its completion.

It includes several rides for all age groups like the children can have fun in the wiggles park with the red plane ride and you can also have the entire family fun with the fender bumper car ride or enjoy with your little ones on the Scooby Doo’s Ghost blasters and those who want to experience thrill then the Tony Hawks big spin and several others are just the ones for you.

And you can get drenched in the White Water Park with the wide range of rides it has to offer. So go ahead have a complete family day at Six Flags Fiesta during your San Antonio, Texas travel.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Review

Six Flags Fiesta Texas was one of the things that surprised us most about our vacation to San Antonio, Texas. We were most surprised because it really is little children friendly as well as perfect for the tweens, teens and adults if you like amusement park. As I have gotten older, I look at the rides a bit more warily than I used to when I would jump in line and wait for that adrenaline rush you can only get from a roller coaster (or maybe flying a jet?!).

We received complimentary tickets to Six Flags Fiesta Texas as part of the S.A.V.E San Antonio Sweepstakes that we won. We were excited to go because spending the hundreds of dollars on an amusement park when your children are only 3 and 5 seems a little ridiculous. This way, we got to go and enjoy the park without spending too much money!

Six Flags Fiesta was surprisingly friendly for younger children but you have to make your way past all the excitement and scary rides located at the front of the park. Of course, the first ride we hit was a small roller coaster that my son could go on but my daughter couldn’t. This was not good for family relations!

We continued towards the back of the park where we found Wiggles World! Brightly colored rides, a small splash area, and lots of little children running around told us that we found the right place! We spent about two hours moving from ride to ride that both my children could go on. There were a couple of rides that an adult had to ride with my 3 year old because of height restrictions. While in Wiggles World we rode in a gigantic strawberry, caught a Wiggles show, rode the Big Red Car and we splashed around.

We also spent a lot of time in the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk section which is kid friendly as well. There is a Ferris wheel, the Scooby Doo ride, and the Tony Hawk ride (which I most certainly did not ride!).

There is also a water park attached to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  If looks like the only way to enter the water park is through the main park.  Water park admission is included with your Six Flags ticket purchase.  When I looked at the website before we went, I didn’t notice that water park admission was included.  To be honest, the only reason my kids were in their swimsuits was because I didn’t want to listen to them complain if they got hot or couldn’t splash around.  So many amusement parks and zoos have little splash pad areas and I didn’t want to get caught without a swimsuit for them!  My husband and I did not have our swimsuits though so there was much that the kids couldn’t do because we couldn’t go either.

Overall, we had a good time and would probably go back if we were in the area.  It wasn’t too terribly crowded, the kids had a blast, and went to bed very early that night!

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • Don’t forget your swimsuits if you would like to go to the waterpark part too.  The waterpark is separate so you could avoid it if you wish.
  • Be prepared to walk.  Most of the activities for the younger children are located in the back of the park.  The water park area for the younger kids is also in the back of the water park.

Holidays in the Park

Here in sunny San Antonio, Six Flags stays open through the holiday season, which gave us an opportunity to experience an amusement park in a way we haven’t before.

When I think of an amusement park like Six Flags, the first thing that comes to my mind is crowds. And long lines and hot weather. I’ve always said, “I’m totally not a theme park kind of person,” but last night I was proven wrong.

We had so much fun!

The park wasn’t crowded at all. I was really shocked that there were some times when I felt like we almost had the place to ourselves. (We went on a Sunday night.) No long lines, no crowds.

Walking through the park bundled up in our winter gear (or as close to winter gear as we get in San Antonio) was such a joy. The park featured tons of Christmas lights and holiday music, and my daughter had an awesome time exploring the park’s area for young kids called Wiggle World. She also got to meet Tweetie Bird and Daffy Duck!

I’m still in shock. I (the person who loves art museums and historic architecture and hates anything “touristy”) loved our evening at Six Flags. Just another way in which motherhood changes your perspective!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Address
17000 IH-10 West
San Antonio, TX 78257-9503

Tel: (210) 697-5000

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Hours:
Mid-May to Mid-August: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily

Ticket Information for the Six Flags Fiesta Texas:
For the ticket information, Call at (210) 697-5000 or visit



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