Setting the Rules for Kids to Prevent Gadget Addiction


We know that this generation kids are being introduced early to a variety of gadgets which many parents are using, such as Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, computers, etc. With the children’s continuous accessibility to these gadgets, there’s a great possibility that this may lead to addiction. Yes, addiction, which causes many parents nowadays problems in dealing with their children.

Based on my own experience with our two kids (5 and 6), I came to the point where getting rid of the gadgets from their hands was hard, and it was so upsetting that every time I speak to them they seemed to pass my words to their other ear or they pretend that they don’t recognize my presence. And who’s that parent will be happy over such particular scenario? Another worst case is when they will lose their respect for us as parents.

Since I gave access my children to my personal gadgets, the more I became stressful in disciplining them. As a full-time mother who deal and spend most of my time with our children as the father is busy working to support us financially, honestly, I tried everything to keep the kids busy and entertained while at home or outside especially during our shopping times.

Reasons to Introduce Kids to Gadgets

It is obvious that technology is here to stay, and the world is becoming  technologically driven. That’s a positive thing in many ways. With tools that help children learn in fun and engaging ways, express their creativity, and stay connected to others, technology can be empowering for children of all ages. Children who are tech-savvy will also be better prepared for a predominantly digital workforce.

  1. Learning – this example to computer, iPhone and Tablet
  2. Technology Awareness/Advancement – any gadgets that I used I teach and give my kids the time to explore further.
  3. To be entertained – I give them access to do something like play games or watch their favorite characters on YouTube videos, especially when I am doing my errands or we are out for shopping.

At the same time, parents are understandably concerned about their children accessing inappropriate material online, the impact of excessive screen time on healthy development, and their children becoming technologically reliant.

Now the Problems Arise

Boredom has become intolerable since our smartphones have provided us with constant entertainment and distractions at our fingertips, and we’ve taught this to our children as well. Most people don’t know what to do with themselves if they have any amount of free time if they don’t have a screen.

Honestly, the more time the kids are on the gadgets the more we as parents are in trouble.

  • Lack of interest in developing real-world practical skills
  • Lack of focus or concentration on any task
  • Inadequate time management and eating habits

Do you agree or disagree? Well, just based on my experience, it is absolutely true! What I did to overcome the problem? Telling you, I am not an expert, I am just sharing my personal parenting stories.

Be a role model

Have you ever considered how much time you spend using screens in front of your children? Children observe far more than we realize and learn not only from what we tell them, but also from our actions. Setting boundaries and teaching your children better tech habits begins with you practicing what you preach. If you want to help your children overcome their technology addiction, you must first examine your own.

gadget addiction kids

Remember that your child looks up to you for even the most insignificant things in life. For many parents, the simplest way to deal with a restless child is to provide him with a technological device that allows them to relax. This is not the best strategy. You must reduce your own use of technology so that your child will be motivated to follow you.

Google and Apple are beginning to address this growing concern about technology taking over our lives by introducing new software features such as time limits for specific apps (for Android) and statistics on device usage (for iOS). While digital tools can help us limit our gadget usage, learning and demonstrating mindful use of technology ourselves is the most effective way to teach children the critical skill of unplugging.

Set Rules and Make Password to all Gadgets

Even as adults, it is extremely difficult to overcome an addiction. This is why some preventive measures are required to ensure that your child does not develop an addiction! With the widespread use of gadgets everywhere, it is critical to implement these measures as soon as possible:

Allow your child an appropriate amount of screen time, regardless of the device. Allow your child to watch TV, use the computer, and so on, and let him choose what time of day he wants to use the gadgets. This gives him a sense of freedom while also involving him in decision-making.

Parenting is a trial an error process. And disciplining children is the hardest job I ever had in my entire existence. Yes, you heard it right folks. Well, I don’t know about you if you feel the same way. The more I became stressful and in depth struggle when our kids addicted to the gadgets where many children are up to this generation. And as what I have said, parenting is a trial and error, so my sets of strategies came into action until I finally came to the solution:

  • The decision of setting passwords to all the gadgets that they have access before.
  •  I set rules when they can get access to the apparatus and be firm whenever I say NO.

The Effect?

Dr. Lasser believes that by setting limits for children, they can begin to learn how to self-regulate and recognize when screen time is interfering with the rest of their lives. “Kids are also less likely to balk at limits if they have a role in creating and establishing them,” he adds as an added bonus. The American Academy of Pediatrics website allows you to create a family media use plan.

At first, I heard complaints and all those child rackets so the mother will fall into their trap. But being firm is certainly the solution. Actually, later on, our kids learn to adopt the big changes in using such addicting apparatus. By the way, I also merge the lesson I learned from the book of 1-2-3 Magic.


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