Fort Sam Houston

Are you traveling to San Antonio? Are you patriotic? Do you love your nation and the men who protect it? Then there is one place that you must include in your trip and that you are going to enjoy immensely. That place is Fort Sam Houston. From the year 1910 until World War II, Fort Sam Houston was the biggest Army post in America.

Most of the soldiers that served here were quite distinguished. In fact, Fort Sam Houston was the place where military aviation was given birth to. Even aero-medical evacuation of casualties was first developed here. By the end of the Second World War, the US Army reached a decision to make Fort Sam Houston the main medical training facility.

In the Present day, Fort Sam Houston is the biggest and the most vital military medical training facility in the globe. For a long, there has been a very mutual relationship between Fort Sam Houston and San Antonio. They both treat each other as their in-laws.

As Fort Sam Houston is one of the American army’s oldest installations, it now boasts the largest collection of notably historic structures. This is the reason why Fort Sam Houston is so popular among the patriots. A lot of war enthusiasts can spend hours and hours just looking at the structure and trying to get the feel of the place. It is a great place for people who love their nation and the men who protect them and hence are honored more than the other citizens.

Basically, Fort Sam Houston is one place that you must definitely visit and this must be advised to you even by the San Antonio, Texas travel guide.

Fort Sam Houston Map

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Fort Sam Houston Address
1210 Stanley Rd
San Antonio, Texas

Tel: (210) 221-1886


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