Horse Racing At Retama Park

Do you love to see horses run? If so, Retama Park San Antonio horse racing may be for you.

Located at 1 Retama Park in Selma, the race track is not very far away from downtown San Antonio. Just head northeast on I-35. You can see the horses run each Thursday through Sunday all summer long and every Wednesday through Saturday during the fall season.

Of course, this track allows you to bet on the horses, just like other race tracks. Yet they want to attract families, so they act family-friendly. They want to be a place where parents can feel good about bringing their children. They offer several nights where they give away items to each child. They have discounted admission nights and discounted family food nights. Some nights they offer pony rides and face painting for children.

I would not feel comfortable to take my small children around drinking and gambling, but there are a lot of families who do this. It would be fun for the kids to go and watch the horses run, but the alcohol and the gambling would be enough for me not to take kids there. Of course, the choice is yours to make.

The track opened in 1995 and has seating for 20,000 fans on several levels. There are food courts and dining rooms as well as a sports bar.

Retama horse racing allows the best track viewing from the lower level. There is a food court here.

The grandstand level allows you to watch horse racing on the track and across the country shown on TVs and you can beat on the races going on all across the country from here. There is a food court on this level as well.

The club house level is enclosed and air-conditioned and has indoor dining rooms plus the sports bar. Above that is the press club level.