San Antonio Raceway

The San Antonio Raceway is a track where you can watch cars and motorcycles zoom by at top speeds. It is is a 1/4 mile IHRA drag strip located at 3641 S Santa Clara Rd, near Marion, Texas. Their phone number is (210) 698-2310. It is owned and operated by the Zampese Family of San Antonio.

The raceway opened in February 2001 and used to be called River City Raceway Park.

Almost anything on wheels can be raced here. I really know nothing technical about the raceway, but it is a lot of fun to watch the cars zoom around the track.

My mother has loved watching cars go around the track since she was a girl and I guess I get my love of it from her.

Events go on throughout the week so if you want to go as a spectator, either call the number above or visit their web sitefor a schedule of events.

If you are interested in racing, here are some things you need to know:

All cars must have working seat belts.

You should have a Snell-approved helmet.

Drivers must wear long pants and tee shirts. Tank tops are not allowed.

Some drivers have to wear a fire retardant jacket, pants and neck collar of SFI approved spec 3.2 A/5. (Whatever that means!)

If you are riding a motorcycle, full all leathers are mandatory, along with all leather boots or shoes that come above the ankle. A leather jacket and leather gloves are also mandatory.

There are several other requirements listed on the site that you should check into before going to this speedway to race.

All vehicles must pass a safety inspection prior to making any test runs on the Raceway.