San Antonio River Green

Each March on St. Patrick’s Day, the city dyes the San Antonio River green! Yes, when you go down to the River Walk, the water is much greener than usual for three days each year. Approximately 50 pounds of environmentally friendly green dye is emptied into the San Antonio River in March when it officially and temporarily becomes The River Shannon every year for three days. The St Patrick’s Day River Parade happens every March, around 1PM. Each river parade that we have throughout the year is a fun event, exciting, entertaining, and beautiful in its own way.Plan to eat on the river that afternoon at one of the many cafes or just stroll along and enjoy the barges going by on the dark green river. If you do plan to eat on the river during the parade, call ahead of time for reservations at the restaurant of your choice. If not, you may not be able to get in since the cafes are packed each time there is a river parade.

If you do not wish to eat during the parade, there are places along the River Walk where you can stand or even sit to watch the parade. March is still fairly cool so you should be comfortable. I suggest wearing sunscreen and a cap because the sun can be pretty strong even though it is usually not hot.

Go downtown and find good parking early and walk to your destination before the crowds slow you down.

Have fun, wear green, and bring your walking shoes and your camera. San Antonio always gives plenty of photo opportunities, especially when we dye the San Antonio River green!