Diwali San Antonio

Diwali San Antonio was held for the first time in 2009 as a free event open to everyone in Hemisfair Plaza. It was held again in 2010. My family and I went and judging from the crowds there, it was a big success! Pictured above is from the firework display high above the world in the Tower of the Americas on Diwali. Their fireworks show put our Fourth of July fireworks show to shame. Never have I seen a more awesome display and I have watched many fireworks all over the United States!

Diwali is a five day Indian festival of lights celebrating the triumph of good over evil. This holiday is for Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

We entered Hemisfair Plaza after dark and there was Indian music playing and thousands of people dressed in traditional costumes of India. The air was filled with delicious smells of spicy foods as vendors sold authentic Indian fare.

Tea light candles in floating holders were sold for $1 a piece. These were then lit and placed in the park’s fountain to celebrate good over evil, pictured below.

We have neighbors who are from India, but I did not realize how many people from India live here in San Antonio.

The costumes were beautiful. The people were smiling and having so much fun. Some had bare feet with their costumes. Note the drummer below who had no shoes on. I took a lot of photos but they did not come out very well….Interestingly, the costumes were all new because you must wear new clothes on this holiday and share sweets with your family. Many Indian businesses begin their financial year with the start of Diwali.