Hey everyone!
We traveled for a total of four days on two separate occasions, once at the end of May and the weekend before halloween.
Although several things we did were free, we always try to save money by bringing a cooler of snacks and drinks. When we did eat out there are usually coupons ( for a free appetizer or buy one get one free entree) within the pamphlets at hotels and visitor centers.

Below are the links to several of the sites I used during our trip.
Seaworld is free once a year for active military and their dependents and must be certified through waves of honor.
or you could gain entrance through the line at the gate.

For the ripley’s three way combo I purchased follow the link here.

For the rio river narrated boat tour ( for military if you purchase at the travel and sales office it is only 7 dollars)

Here is a list of local events happening all year, just click on the month you will be visiting.

On our next trip we are going to visit the natural bridge caverns (stay tuned for the vlog) here is the general website, but again there is a discounted rate at LTS office on post for military.

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