Taste of San Antonio

Hadley and Delaney explore the historical roots and culinary aspects of the Tex-Mex tradition through the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and the Tower of the Americas and whip up traditional Tex-Mex recipes including Guacamole, Carne Guisada, Cheese Enchiladas, and Mexican Wedding Cookies at the landmark Mi Tierra Café in San Antonio.

The Walking Dead Escape : FULL Course : Comic-Con (San Diego, CA)

2015 HD POV of the Entire Walking Dead Escape Obstacle course at San Diego Comic-Con in California. This year’s run included Aaron, the saviors, Negan and his bat Lucille.

This was filmed opening night (July 10th, 2015) during the 6pm Wave.

I enjoyed the acting and the variation in the course this year. It still feels a little on the short side. I wish they’d make it an official 5k. Regardless, I had a great time. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area for Comic-Con.

My favorite part is around 4:05. We change directions and most of the group decides to improvise and go running through the bushes. It was fun, chaotic and un-planned. For a second I lost myself in the excitement and it felt real! 🙂

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Keep Calm and Wear Running Shoes during the Apocalypse!

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Beverly Hills of San Antonio???



Today on Oscar’s Odyssey, I take a drive out the the outskirts of San Antonio and show you where rich people like to shop…The Shops at La Cantera!!! A super duper outdoor mall!!! I look for a Mother’s Day gift fro Brandie! Thanks for watching!!! See you next time!!

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San Antonio, TX Where to Invest in 2017 by Forbes

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For over a decade, San Antonio has been a nationwide hot spot for real estate investing. During the recession, the market held strong with almost no decline in values and it hasn’t stopped growing since. This year, San Antonio ranked in the Top 20 list of Forbes “Where To Invest In Housing In 2017.” Last year home prices rose 7% even with a 7% undervalued home price giving an average median price 0K, well below the national average.

San Antonio’s economy is focused primarily within the military, healthcare, government services, financial services, oil and gas, and tourism services which has helped to drive the city’s dynamic and diverse economy. It is home to 4 massive military bases between the Army and Air force as well as 5 fortune 500 companies. The roots of San Antonio’s dramatic business growth and economic vibrancy can be traced to a superb infrastructure, pro-business local government and a culture that embraces entrepreneurial spirit.

All of this points to why San Antonio is ideal for real estate investors. Our experienced and knowledgeable Regional Rep will be showing hand-picked single-family and multi-family properties in strong rental areas with high returns!

Here are some topics and stats we will discuss in more detail:

-New construction homes and multi-units that cash flow!
-Why the rental market is on fire here
-2nd fasting growing city in the United States
-Lower than average cost of living index (93.2)
-3.7% unemployment rate!
-Which suburbs and neighborhoods are the best to buy in