Introduction to San Antonio

San Antonio has acted as a crossroads and meeting place between western civilization and the rest of the nation since its beginnings. The sounds, flavors, histories, and cultures of the Native Americans, Old Mexico, Wild West, African-Americans, Germans, and the Deep South have merged together to create the diversified melting pot that creates San Antonio. All of these backgrounds have put their stamp on the city, its culture, and its architecture, joining together to make San Antonio one of America’s “four most unique cities”.

San Antonio is located in the southern region’s beautiful Hill Country of the “Lone Star State”. It is the second largest city in Texas and the eighth largest city in the United States. It is the seat of Bexar County and all of the amenities it offers makes San Antonio an excellent city to visit or live in.

San Antonio History

San Antonio is a very historical town, with one of the most famous battles ever taking place at the Alamo. Many of the original Catholic missions that were constructed centuries before are still standing and available for viewing. Some of these include the Mission Concepcion, Mission San Franciso de la Espada, Mission San Jose, and Mission San Juan Capistrano.

San Antonio has produced its fair share of famous stars such as NFL players Kyle Rote, Keith Cash, and Priest Holmes and NBA player Shaquille O’Neal and Spurs head coach Greg Popovich. Actors hailing from San Antonio include Ann Prentiss, Joan Crawford, Henry Thomas, Ricardo Chavira, and Carol Burnett. Many actors and superstars who are not originally from San Antonio but have made their home there are Tommy Lee Jones, Madeleine Stow, Patrick Swayze, and George Strait. Max Lucado, a best-selling Christian author, is the minister of Oak Hills Church of Christ in San Antonio.

Things to do in San Antonio

San Antonio has excellent entertainment venues and a happening nightlife. Scenes of interest downtown include the franchise Coyote Ugly bar and the River Center comedy club. The Riverwalk features many happening venues such as the Hard Rock Café, several night clubs, DANCEPLEX, Dick’s Last Resort, and Club RIVE/TABU.

San Antonio is a central hub of transportation serviceable by train, bus, or air. The San Antonio International Airport has two terminals and is served by 12 airlines serving over 25 destinations. The inner-city metropolitan transit uses a bus and trolley system with over 78 regular bus routes and four trolley systems. San Antonio is the southern terminal for Amtrak’s Texas Eagle and the Sunset Limited connects the city with Los Angeles and Orlando.

Community Support

The greater San Antonio community provides many services for its residents to improve the quality of living for the entire population, including programs like the San Antonio food bank, San Antonio Water System, and the VIA Metro Transit. Programs like the Texas Fiesta Educativa is an organization that educates, trains, and sees to the needs of Hispanic families with disabled children. The San Antonio Independent Living Services finds employment for people with disabilities and their families.

San Antonio Economy

The San Antonio economy is a growing one, in fact, it has grown more rapidly in the last two decades than any other city in the state and has had job growth for twelve quarters straight. San Antonio’s economy is very diverse, the largest sectors being their medical research, aerospace manufacturing, a million lawyers, dentists and a thriving tourism trade. Many telecommunications systems also have their headquarters located within the city.

As easy-going as the city is, San Antonio cannot cover up the fact that it’s a major trade zone, sitting right in between the east and west coasts. It is nationally known as a college town and has large reserves of petroleum, livestock, and beer. San Antonio is an ever growing and caring community that has accurately captured the laid-back feeling and friendly, down-home atmosphere of Texas. It is the gateway city to southern Texas and is as much vaquero as it is ‘cowboy’. It is where Tex meets Mex and is truly is the “Most Happenin’ Town” in Texas!

Fast Facts

  • Population: 1,144,646
  • Metro Surrounding Area: 1,820,719
  • County: Bexar County
  • State Nickname: “The Lone Star State”
  • City Nickname: “Alamo City”
  • Area: 412.07 miles (1,067.3 km)
  • Water Area: 4.51 miles (11.7 km) 1.09%
  • Median Household Income: 36,214
  • Average Annual Rainfall: 28 inches
  • Average Annual Snowfall: 0 inches (Measurable snow only falls every 3-4 years)
  • Average Temperature in January: 50 degrees
  • Average Temperature in July: 93 degrees